The Kellys

The Kellys
Welcome to the Nica Kelly blog! Keep up to date with school "Colegio Cristiano Manto de Gracia" in Nueva Guinea, Nicaragua.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mira la hormiguita - the process of education

As a non teacher in a teaching role, I am learning the process of consistently working with kids. Years ago, Barb and I in Managua, feeling frustrated with just doing children's evangelistic programs without the opportunity to follow them up, began a 3 year odyssey into teaching Bible in public schools.
  Today, at Manto de Gracia school, I did a lesson from Proverbs about the ant and how we learn wisdom from it. He has no overseer but works diligently. The little kids, in spite of being hyperactive like all little kids, grasped a principle from the Word, and as we know, it's little by little.
  An advantage of being where we are, it was a short walk to take the kids to see ants working.