The Kellys

The Kellys
Welcome to the Nica Kelly blog! Keep up to date with school "Colegio Cristiano Manto de Gracia" in Nueva Guinea, Nicaragua.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day of the Bible

Last Sunday, we celebrated the day of the Bible in Nicaragua - the 442nd anniversary of the translation of the Bible from the original languages to Spanish. There were special services and, of course, a parade. Check out the picture of all the pastors with their new hats - they were hats left over from the Grace Outreach Center annual golf tournament sent to us courtesy of Tom Pfeil. The president of the pastor's council had each hat stenciled - one side with the name of the pastor's committee and the other side with the pastor's name.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Songs in English

As we teach regular kids songs in the Bible lessons, we are attempting to use the same songs to teach them English. Check out the video of some of the kids(rather poorly made - cutting off some heads) to see if you recognize the song. If not, we will need to look for a better English teacher.

New song

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Monday, September 19, 2011

The new improved bridge is under way!

Many of you probably remember (from an earlier post) the bridge we put together with two tree trunks and some scrap wood nailed on top. It has served it's purpose, but thanks to a donation from the City of Nueva Guinea, some money from the parent's group, and from you all, we are building a newer bridge. We had to physically move the old one to start the new one. In this picture you can see both. Will post pics when it's completed.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Independence Day Parade

Every February 14th and 15th, there are many Independence Day celebrations in Nicaragua. Generally all the kids from all the school parade on the 14th, and the bands on the 15th. Because our kids are to small to parade (have to be 4th grade and up), we instead, made an independence day "float" to parade on the 15th. It is basically my pickup decorated to the hilt and three little girls on the back dressed in typical dress. It was fun. By the way, the green flag on the hood is our school flag.

Check out a short video Manto float

Monday, September 5, 2011

                           El Mes de la Patria

  All of Central America celebrates September 15th as their Independence Day, the day they declared their independence from Spain.
  In all the schools, the whole month of September is the "Month of the homeland" and it started today as all the kids hung flags all over the school property.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

God at work!

  Joel Jir√≥n has been part of our team from construcion days - as a groundskeeper (6 acres of heavy foliage) and a night watchman. He has, however, had a challenged life in his personal relationships. He has a daughter with one woman and was living with another and her son, as well as a daughter of both of theirs.
  A couple of months ago, he, and his live in both came to Christ, and today, we had the priveledge of doing their wedding in their very simple home.

God is so good!

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