The Kellys

The Kellys
Welcome to the Nica Kelly blog! Keep up to date with school "Colegio Cristiano Manto de Gracia" in Nueva Guinea, Nicaragua.

Friday, May 27, 2011

El Día de la Madre

In Nicaragua, Mother's Day is May 30th. Since that is a national holiday - no school - we celebrated Mother's day on Thursday. Each class did some kind of presentation - maybe a poem, a song, or even a dance. After the presentations, the mothers were served a nice meal. I'm including links to a few videos of the kids - one of the pre school Kinder and a folkloric dance by the second graders Second.
  The same day, in the evening, we started some adult education classes. The first hour was dealing with the Christian family and about 15 people came out. The second hour was basic English, with about 30 attending. When there is more help, we plan to have basic literacy classes as well as other Bible studies. As always, we appreciate your prayers.

Monday, May 16, 2011

La profesora Barbara is back

Barb is back in Nueva Guinea for a week, and at recess all the kids wanted to talk to her. By the way, the basketball rims are up and all the people who said they weren't interested in basketball are out shooting hoops. Go Mavs!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

School breakfast

This week, thanks to many of you all, we started a program of giving the kids a glass of milk, a piece of cheese bread, and a vitamin before school. We gave them each a cup and they have to keep it clean and be responsible to bring it each day. These kids are just kids, although in a different economic circumstance, and we pray that they will grow to be productive adults in Nicaragua and in the kingdom of God.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Red es rojo....

Teaching English to small children is a real kick. One thing my wife told me was to use songs at every chance. Wanted you all to hear one of our first graders with his "color song". He did, in fact, win a prize for being the first in his classroom to sing it correctly. Check it out Colors